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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Arctic Expedition

Arctic fox in Nunavut Canada, 2008
For my first post, I've decided to pay tribute to the balmy -10 degree weather we've been having here in Victoria. I decided to show off one of my favourite images from my arctic adventure in 2008. An arctic fox huddled in the leeway of a snowbank pokes out to examine our group of photographers.  That day was about -45 with the wind chill and I remember barely being able to stay outside shooting for more than five minutes at a time.  I was wearing four pairs of pants, along with four tops and a full down jacket.  And I was still getting cold!

Unlike this fox, I've decided to unhuddle myself from the warmth of my bed today to continue this progression through the edits of my long-forgotten images.  A 12-hour flurry of activity yesterday has taken me all the way to June 2009 in my editing process, with haughty goals of reaching 2010 by week's end.  Wish me luck.


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